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The Benefits of Outsourcing Laboratory Medical Billing

Laboratory medical billing is essential for laboratories’ swift and correct reimbursement in the healthcare ecosystem. Laboratory financial stability and operational efficiency depend on efficient billing systems, which deliver vital testing for patient care and treatment. 

Grand View Research in Florida estimates that the global laboratory billing services market was $4.3 billion in 2020 and will expand 10.1% from 2021 to 2028.

Laboratory medical billing involves submitting systemic claims for tests and services to insurance companies or patients. Diagnostic testing ranges from routine blood work to advanced genetic analysis. 

Insurance firms and regulatory agencies require proper test coding and billing to maintain accuracy and compliance. The American Medical Association reported that medical billing coding errors can cost 3-7% of claims. This emphasizes laboratory billing accuracy.

Key Components of Laboratory Medical Billing:

Coding and Documentation

The laboratory billing depends on the correct service codes. Many standards, such as CPT and ICD-10, document processes and procedures. For billing codes and rules, proper documentation is necessary for the classifications of the services. 

Charge Capture

All services must be captured and billed correctly as prescribed by the regulations. All tests and operations are recorded and, after that, translated into chargeable charges. 

Claim Submission

The payers, that is, insurance companies, must get the claims for processing after coding and charging. It is very important to be exact with the processing of these claims to avoid specific errors that would lead to delays and denials.

Payment Posting

Claims for payment are forwarded, and the insurance company and patients make payments to the lab. This involves identifying the matching of payments with bills and looking for the difference.

Denial Management

It should be noted that not all of the introduced claims are approved during the first instance. Consequently, denial management comprises tracking refused claims, understanding reasons for denial, and resubmitting corrected claims swiftly to get payment.

Grow Your Lab with Laboratory Medical Billing Data

Laboratory medical billing information gives all the data needed to identify growth areas, but lab economics is necessary for growth. Simple analytics include tracking patient volume to determine daily and monthly site activity. The gross charges and CPT codes of each patient interaction should be known.

Compare expected monthly gross billing against patient activity. Whether your average charge level fulfills your expectations and your billing cycle matches your process is shown by this KPI. Revenue reports reveal how well your billing department is doing.

You must know more than gross revenue. The payer accrual rate, or cash receipt percentage, for each patient engagement is more relevant. Comparing accrual rates, payer linkages, and CPT code procedure costs

Analytics can determine the profitability of each therapy, payer relationship, client contract, overhead, and accession expense. Predict future opportunity profitability with similar forecasts.

Mismanaged lab billing can cause a loss to your lab. Poor billing or coding may increase accounts receivable time as claim denials rise. If AR periods are 40-50 days, your billing department is fine, but 60 days or more indicates a cash flow issue. A cash flow limitation can prevent your lab from buying new equipment or providing services.

Reasons to Outsource Laboratory Medical Billing

why you need to outsource loboratory medical billing - resilient mbs
  1. Reduces billing staff hiring, training, and retention costs.
  2. Eliminates billing software, hardware, and infrastructure costs.
  3. Reduces claim errors and denials by improving efficiency and accuracy.
  4. Accurate and fast billing speeds reimbursement cycles.
  5. Offers billing experts and industry knowledge.
  6. Maintains compliance with changing healthcare standards and coding.

Benefits of Outsourcing Laboratory Medical Billing

  • Expert medical billing and coding firms ensure accuracy and eliminate errors.
  • Streamlined processes speed up claim submissions and payments.
  • Using less in-house billing staff reduces administrative costs.
  • Reduces training, software, and infrastructure costs.
  • Professional billing services maximize revenue cycle management, increasing cash flow.
  • Laboratories can focus on quality diagnostics.
  • Reduces laboratory staff administrative strain, letting them focus on patient care and other important responsibilities.
  • Modern billing software and technologies boost efficiency and accuracy.
  • Data-driven insights aid strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Correct billing statements promote patient understanding and transparency.
  • Enjoy the expertise and experience of laboratory billing specialists.

Tips For Finding Laboratory Medical Billing Companies Near Me

Research and Referrals

First, ask other healthcare providers or laboratories you work closely with. Recommendations from close friends and relatives may assist in determining the quality and reliability of the local billing companies.

Local Business Directories

Conduct a search on popular online business directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, or Google My Business to locate lab billing companies in your region. Such platforms often contain comments and scores from other clients who have used the particular services before. 

Professional Associations

Consult sources like the American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) or the Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) for the lists of certified billing agencies in your locality.

Consult with Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce in your locality have details of your region’s recognized laboratory billing companies.

Attend Local Healthcare Events and Conferences

Attend regional healthcare fairs, exhibitions, and forums where consumers of billing services can be met and explored on the spot. 

Hire an Expert Lab Billing Company

The lab you are in is worthy of every effort to increase income, production, and development. But most lab managers don’t have enough time, manpower, and capital to spare to bother with these bureaucratic trifles of laboratory billing. Outsourcing your lab billing can significantly improve your lab outcomes and revenues and is the right thing to do. 

Outsourcing Laboratory medical billing to a trustworthy company also increases the accuracy, compliance, and orientation of the Labs to diagnostics. 

Contact us for a meeting to find out how a laboratory billing firm based in your locality can assist your business. To enhance your practice, contact us, or please dial Resilient MBS. Enhance your laboratory’s efficiency and its revenue cycle now! 

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